Oh? There’s a new rival vampire business next door? Why they’re going to steal ALL your best sales!

Hit the dirt and scrounge through tall grass to find more monsters to join you in you’re quest for the greatest resource of all time, BLOOD.




A Bite of Profit is the mashup of Vampire Business Management and a Pokemon esque collectable game! It never got that far but there is a fully functioning battle system where you either beat your opponents up to take their blood, or get them weak in order to bite them taking the rest of their blood as health while creating a new sire for your brood.

Watch out though as the sun still does its thing! Get back to your home to deposit all the goods before the sun fries your vampy skin off.

Menu Controls: WASD to move - ENTER/RETURN to select World Controls: WASD to move player

Thank you for checking out my weekends work, enjoy! -Angelbait

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