A game about the lie surrounding gambling.  Play slots in order to try and beat the dungeon!  You and your enemies will trade attacks when you face eachother, earn attack points by rolling those slots!

My submission for CGJ 2019, there is a LOT of placeholder work in here as of the end of the jam session.  I'm interested in fully developing this title. 

CONTROLS: You only need to click on "Roll em" to spin those slots!  Currently no cost to buying the other slot spots but it will cost more to roll the whole board.

TOOLS: Unity, Photoshop, Audacity + a Teenage Engineering PO-Arcade

V2: I want to actually make the dungeon assets 3D, the game started as a 3D machine but rotations in 3D space kneecapped me pretty quick.  I'd also like to push the size of the slots board to resemble the larger ones in casino's, more like a 3x3 board and you spend coins on the lines to bet on.

Thanks for your time and I hope the Jam was good to everyone!

<3 Angelbait

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